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Our top executive recruiting firm is located in Cherry Hill, NJ and was founded in 1992 to provide contingency and retained search services, predicated on ethical and professional business practices, to a diverse list of corporate customers.  Ashley Mackenzie serves as the premiere staffing firm through our executive recruiting firms in New York and New Jersey. Since our beginning in 1992, Ashley Mackenzie has quickly evolved into a generalist firm, which now serves a diverse set of corporate clients ranging in size from multi-nationals to local and regional firms, as well as various stage startups. Our clients also represent a broad set of industries. We have successfully conducted searches at all levels of management and in all business functions, including the Boards of Directors. Our Managing Directors' experience in the field of executive recruiting gives Ashley Mackenzie the perspective necessary to meet our clients' needs in any staffing situation.

Our references will confirm a high percentage (over 90%) of follow-up search assignments and an appreciation of our organized and well documented approach. We are known for our abilities to find and attract high quality executives with our unprecedented candidate analysis. Through our analysis we strive to find the ideal match for your company, while considering the culture of the organization and the style of the hiring management. By properly analyzing the candidate and company, we provide a quality candidate that is the best match for your organization.

Each of our professionals has held an executive position and has always strived to relate effectively with the goals of the client company, the hiring manager, their support staff, and the potential candidates. We believe that our executive recruiting firms in New York and New Jersey should act as an extension of our client company's style, philosophy and attitude. As a top executive recruiting firm we have successfully completed over 3000 company contingent and retained search assignments.

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