Information for Our Candidates

We are not a temporary service or personnel agency. We work with top tier Wall Street firms and leading banks with premier financial services divisions, who seek top producers in their disciplines. Our staffing firm generally places professionals who are at the peak of their game, or on the path to it. These individuals are those who seek higher challenges and a new level of advancement in their career. 

Confidentiality is the single most important word to our executive recruiting team at Ashley Mackenzie. With a name that elicits history, honor, integrity and all things good in the world, our word is our bond and therefore everything to us. 

A resume carelessly sent to a company or to the wrong person could result in the loss of your job. We here at Ashley Mackenzie, Inc. recognize the need to protect candidates from any such problem. Our candidates and referral sources are our most valuable asset and we in no way wish to compromise their livelihood. Never do we “float” any of your personal information, looking to earn a quick fee. Before we share your information with one of our clients, we will always obtain your direct permission. 

Confidentiality is not the only way we differentiate ourselves from other executive recruiting firms. The methodology by which we find the right candidates include an extensive referral process, an in depth interview using advanced behavioral based questions and face-to-face meetings when the geography allows. All of this information not only helps us identify the right candidates for our search, but also allows us to understand your needs and goals that, in turn, result in more successful search assignments that work not only for the clients but for you as well. 

If you are not presently looking to make a change, we respect that. However, this is the ideal time to get to know each other. We have learned that the ideal time to build relationships with prospective candidates is when both sides have nothing to gain by sharing a conversation. We then can act as a personal coach or consultant and offer objective answers and information that can help guide your career forward. As we travel a great deal throughout the United States, we would enjoy meeting with you on our next trip into your part of the country. Just give our staffing firm a call at 856-424-9100.


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