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Use your experience in a unique and rewarding way

If you saw this ad, would you respond? It's all true - the money, the training, the benefits, the great future. It's not your average job and it takes an above average person to fill it.

We are looking for articulate, assertive people who can think on their feet and want earnings to directly reflect their effort. If that describes you, and you are eager for a challenge that provides profound personal satisfaction and considerable financial reward, read on.


When employers need to find a key executive or professional, they naturally want the best candidates for the job. Routine resources such as classified ads or the Internet provide people who are looking, but who are not necessarily the best qualified. To find the best, employers turn to recruiters such as Ashley Mackenzie. Ashley Mackenzie is an established leader in executive search.

Founded in 1972, we have built a reputation for professional recruitment services that are provided in a timely and confidential manner. We operate three offices in Princeton, Cherry Hill, and Newark, Delaware, and are affiliated with hundreds of independent recruiters nationwide.

Currently, we have over 10 account executives, trained in our own specialized innovative methods. They help client companies nationwide fill a broad spectrum of positions -- executive, middle management and professional--at salaries ranging from $50,000-$200,000 a year.

Why We Can Do A Better Job

There are three main reasons why Ashley Mackenzie account executives are so much more successful than employers in finding and matching the right candidates to the right companies.

Our specialist approach: Each of our account executives specializes in a particular industry or discipline. They learn the language and salary structures of their specialties and how these businesses operate. Most importantly, they develop key contacts in these industries to find the right people for their clients. Our clients know that their Ashley Mackenzie account executive is a specialist who understands their needs and is an expert in locating highly qualified candidates who might not otherwise come to their attention. In this way, we build up a clientele of companies that become exclusive accounts and generate repeat business.

Our extensive computerized resources: We maintain our own database of more than 50,000 resumes and 100,000 companies, in addition to paying for access to numerous Web databases. This gives our account executives instant access to a large, highly qualified group of candidates as well as recruiting and marketing prospects.

Our third party professionalism: There is no perfect job or perfect candidate. But as a third party, we can be far more objective in matching up the real needs of both the employer and the candidate. We show companies how to present their job offers more effectively. We show candidates how to improve their preparation for an interview and how to negotiate the best compensation package. We are the professionals who know how to bring people together.


How Commissions Are Generated

Employers pay us a fee for our service that averages nearly $18,000 per placement. You, in turn, are paid a commission on the fees collected. Established account executives earn a minimum commission of 30% and have the opportunity to earn billings bonuses that can raise their effective commission rate to 45%. Many of our top producers even drive company cars. We also run contests and offer special incentives throughout the year that reward you with expense-paid trips, merchandise or cash. In addition, you will participate in a comprehensive package of benefits that includes hospitalization and major medical insurance, life insurance and a 401(k) plan.

Your Earnings Potential

An earning potential of $50,000 or more your first year while you're learning our business is very realistic. Half of our experienced people average over $95,000 a year, and our top Account Executives earn over $200,000! And, because our fees are a percentage of salaries, we have a perfect built-in hedge against inflation. We're also very proud of the many account executives who have benefited by their long-term association with Ashley Mackenzie.


We Train You For Success

When you join Ashley Mackenzie, you will be making a career change that will let you use your previous experience in a new and rewarding way. While most of our successful people had no prior recruiting experience, they are alike in the qualities it takes to succeed: creativity, persistence, the mental agility to learn and apply new ideas, and the willingness to invest the time and effort needed to succeed. And most important, they are eager to learn and appreciate the time we take to train them extensively.

The Way We Work

Training includes comprehensive formal classroom work as well as ad hoc coaching. Since our business is geared to use the most efficient sales tool ever invented (the telephone), you can be productive almost immediately.

We show you how to become an industry specialist and how to develop your own line of communication to companies and potential candidates. You will be enrolled in trade and professional groups within your specialty, at our expense. As you gain knowledge about the firms within your area of specialization, you'll come to know key individuals and be on a "first call" basis when they need qualified people.

Our entire training program is designed to help you make the most effective use of your time and focus your efforts on activities that will bring rewarding results. With diligence, you should make your first placement within two to three months. Significant cash flow, over and above your draw, should occur within four to six months.


Choose Your Track

If you aspire to management, there are opportunities as a department manager, trainer, assistant manager and general manager.

While some people wish to move into management, others prefer to concentrate on building their income through developing their industry specialties and client base. You will find personal satisfaction, pride of achievement and the opportunity for exceptional rewards at all levels in our business.

The Rewards Are More Than Financial

In addition to outstanding compensation, your career as a Ashley Mackenzie account executive offers you other important rewards. Each time you make a placement and advance someone's career, you change someone's future. Of course, we're not social workers, but you'll find tremendous satisfaction in helping people move ahead and using your skills to provide client companies with talent they might not otherwise find.

In Summary

If you have the right temperament and attitude, you will find Ashley Mackenzie the most satisfying, time-effective and financially rewarding business you've ever engaged in. It's really an opportunity to use your intelligence, energy and initiative to the fullest, and enjoy rewards in direct proportion to your efforts. And you'll be supported by all the training, technology and expertise that only New Jersey’s most comprehensive search firm can offer.

Ashley Mackenzie.

If you're looking for a future of stimulating challenge and unlimited opportunity, you've found it. Contact the General Manager of our office nearest to you.  


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